Hello out there, Minion Master fans. We’re pleased to announce that the August revision of Minion Master is live and ready to go. If you’ve already pre-ordered the game, grab the latest build by logging into your Minion Master Account, visiting your User Page, and downloading the game. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, you can do so by visiting our order page. Minion Master is in open beta, and anyone who pre-orders gets instant access.

Here’s a list of what’s new this month:
08/08/2012 1.1.0 – Beta August release
! Added MultiPlayer!
! Minions now animate.
+ Lots of new card art
* You can now take screenshots with either the PrintScreen key, or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-S
* The background has been changed from the pastoral scene to a gradient colored with your banner color
* The card frame is now forced down if you have no cards
* Minions now move toward the nearest enemy minion rather than the nearest enemy Avatar if they can’t reach their target
* The 4 Player BackPass map has been tweaked to allow for more paths between the Avatars
- Replaced yippy Kobold sound effects with better ones
- Changed compile settings to make better use of SSE2 instructions
- Removed ZeroMQ as a dependency and added websocket++, hiredis, and OpenSSL as dependencies
- Single player name has been shortened to “MinionMaster” without a space
- Fixed IceBolt freeze particle not showing up
- Fixed incorrect positioning of 3D sounds
- Fixed performance issue with combat log
- Fixed a minor bug when writing .mmlevel files
- Fixed a drawing error with the game board
- Fixed card-sacrificing cards (such as Healing Surge) not actually sacrificing the cards
- Fixed minions that can’t find complete paths to their targets not moving at all
- Fixed an issue where hovering your mouse over a minion would not show all of the tiles that minion could attack
- Fixed Dragons (and possibly other minions) facing the wrong direction sometimes if their Line attack went through a non-existent tile